Is Peace A Myth

I’ve always wondered what peace really is and where it lies. It is a thought that comes to my head more often than anything else, and ironically, just following this train of thought makes me calm. I’ve heard a story about finding peace in life, and it went something like this: “Once there was a … More Is Peace A Myth

Story of a life

Let me tell you my life story Falling down is my first memory Rocked and cradled by an invisible hand I rolled and tumbled like a feather strand Then came the pull of an aching heart Making me plummet and tearing me apart I’m yours you can have me just let me live Was the … More Story of a life

Who I Am

I am the stillness of winter, silent and white I am the inky darkness of a moonless night   I am the bloom of spring, colourful and fun I am the fiery heat of the scorching sun   I am the beauty of a rose, lovely and warm I am the building turbulence of a … More Who I Am

What Is Life…

The other day I saw a video that changed my perspective on life. In the video, a group of young people were enjoying themselves in a river that fell in a waterfall. The flow of water in it was very less. They suddenly decided to cross it. When almost all of them had crossed it and … More What Is Life…